NUEA Begins Public Posting Process


On July 22, 2021, the NUEA filed to initiate the public posting process. After months of mediation the NUEA made this decision to promote dialogue and transparency. We believe this notification is an important step to settle negotiations with a competitive and compassionate contract agreement that benefits students, educators, and District 203 families.

As children return to school after last year’s challenges, the NUEA knows that our students will need more support and guidance than ever before, and we intend to be that essential resource for every student in our classroom. The NUEA provides exceptional learning experiences for all students, and we urge Naperville District 203 to present an offer that recognizes the NUEA’s value to the community’s students and families. 

The NUEA and District 203 proposals can be read here on or about August 5, 2021.

For further information, please email