NESPA: How Can We Help?

Dear Friends of NUEA,

Our union colleagues in NESPA (the Naperville Educational Support Personnel Association) are in negotiations with the district, and are dealing with a contract that expired on June 30th. NESPA members are the classroom assistants, office assistants, special education aides, campus supervisors, and secretaries, among others — who make it possible to do our jobs safely and effectively. They have entered into federal mediation, similar to the process that NUEA went through over the summer. They are asking for our help.

Before the next school board meeting on Monday (9/20), please write a letter of support to the BOE before Monday, September 20.

Many people stepped up to support the NUEA effort to attain a fair contract, including NESPA members. It is now our turn to support them. Let the BOE know how important they are to what we do every day to serve students. What many of them make is nowhere near a living wage here in Naperville, and that needs to change. Please take a moment to let the BOE know your thoughts (link to their email here). As always, we encourage everyone to be respectful, direct, and civil with your appeal. But the BOE needs to know that NESPA is not in this alone here.

Thank you all in advance for your help with this!