D203 Providing New Incentives for Subs

Naperville 203 is getting creative in its efforts to overcome a state and national substitute teacher shortage.

Beginning January 17, retired Naperville 203 teachers will receive a higher rate of pay if they return to work as a substitute teacher in the district. Additionally, Surge pay will be implemented to offer substitute teachers a higher daily rate of pay on days when the need for substitute teachers is greatest.

“We continue to explore options to fill our daily vacancies and ensure that our students receive a quality education each and every day,” said Bob Ross, Naperville 203’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “The hope is that this new Surge Pay encourages more people to work as substitute teachers, especially on days when we have a higher need. Being a substitute teacher in Naperville 203 is rewarding and satisfying, and we’re looking for people to help.”

When Surge Pay is implemented, daily substitute teachers will make $135 per day – an increase of $25 per day on those days. Surge Pay does not apply to substitutes already making higher rates, such as: permanent building substitutes, long-term substitutes, internal substitutes, and retired Naperville 203 educators.

Retired educators from Naperville 203 who return to work as a substitute teacher in the district will be paid $175 per day, beginning January 17, 2023.   To qualify, an educator must have been a member of the teacher bargaining unit in Naperville 203 up until retirement.

“I cannot think of anyone more qualified to work as a substitute teacher than one of our own retirees,” Ross said. “Welcoming these former employees back will both help us fill openings, and benefit our students to learn from high quality educators on days when their teacher is unable to be in the classroom.”  

The Naperville 203 Board of Education approved the new Surge Pay option during its Monday, Jan. 9, Board of Education meeting. The implementation is the latest step Naperville 203 has taken to address a state and national substitute teacher shortage.

In the fall of 2021, the Board of Education instituted an incentive payment of $100 for every 10 times that a daily substitute worked in Naperville 203, and raised the daily pay for Permanent Building Substitutes to $175 per day.  These improvements had a positive impact, but more help is needed.  

If you are interested in becoming a Substitute Teacher in Naperville 203, and have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, visit Naperville203.org/Sub to apply.